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Make a comment in Word


Changing the way Outlook looks


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Adopt a classroom



Kiva Loans


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Childrens Tumor Foundation


March of Dimes



Indian Blood Bank


Disabled American Veterans Trust Fund


Premier photographer


Special Olympics


Macular Degeneration


Our military kids
How to Help


SAV School in Nepal


free counters


Wounded Warrior Project
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180 Free Technology Tips for
Educators and other Professionals


Links to Blogs:

New Educational and Technical Titles
This is the blog for Educators Reviews which is based out of Roswell Georgia and offers full reviews and product mentions for all kinds of educational resources.

Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers
Tammy Worcester is an Instructional Technology Specialist in Central Kansas and her blog contains a growing list of weekly technology tips for teachers.  She has alsopublished a book on the topic.

Dawn's Horizons
180TechTips.com has been included as a quick link on this blog by Dawn Schneider from the Boone County School System in Kentucky.  

Eaton Educational Insights
Blog by Jennifer Malone of the Loudon County Schools in Tennessee that provides teachers and others with quick links to online technology resources.

Free Tech 4 Teacher
Blog by Richard Byrne that is full of free resources and how-to lessons for classroom teachers.  Thanks for including 180techtips on your list!

AlphaPlus Blog
This resource filled blog focuses on promoting adult literacy in Ontario Canada.  It is maintained by the AlphaPlus Centre.  Thanks for naming 180TechTips in your posts!

Dr. LeBeau's Teacher Links
A huge collection of hyperlinks to useful websites, tutorials and resources for educators and interested adults.  There's something here for everyone!

TipLine - DuBois Computer Tips
Great blog created by Ken Pruitt, a Middle School Computer teacher in Pennsylvania.  Check it out.  You can participate in the blog by offering your own technology tips!

Tipline - Gates' Computer Tips
Another great blog of technology tips for teachers by James Gates:  "Each day during the school year I try to send out a computer tip or two.  Please leave a comment to let me know you were here and what you thought of the tip."

The stated goal of this website is to provide one or two quality tips on how to better use technology in the classroom.  The blog is updated once or twice a week and full of useful and relevant information.  Created by a high school teacher in Kentucky.  Thanks for including 180TechTips.com in your blog!

Blog created by an Australian high school teacher that offers technology tips as well as resources from various workshops for teachers.  There's also an extensive section about Australian POW's in World War II.

Blog for teachers who are interested in educational technology.  Managed by Pete MacKay of Jasper Place High School in Alberta Canada.  Similar to 180techtips.com, this resource sends out daily messages during the school year. 

Ronda's TL Blog
We're glad to be listed on your blog as a "highlight".  Thanks for linking to theQuotes Slides also.

Links to Schools:

Valley Public Schools 
Great list of links for students, teachers and parents.  Glad 180TechTips.com could be included on your list!

The Calais School
K-12 school in Northern New Jersey that provides a safe, nurturing, and academically challenging environment for students with learning disabilities.  They have an excellent links page that's full of resources for parents and educators.  Thanks for including180TechTips.com.

Spring Cove School District - Links
List of links for all kinds of resources for educators in Spring Cove, Pennsylvania.

University of North Carolina - MIT Program
Masters of Science in Instructional Technology programs at UNC-Wilmington.  Thanks for including 180TechTips in your site!

School Town of Highland - Technical Links
List of resources from the School Town of Highland in Indiana.  Thanks forincluding 180TechTips on your list of resources.

Ms. Levitt's Computer Lab
Lots of links to additional computer resources for teachers.  Links for teachers as well as students.

Some Great Websites...
Links to some handy reference websites for students and professionals.  Assembled by Mrs. Perkins at the Russell County Public Schools in Virginia.

Marana Unified School District in Arizona
Large school district that's located North West of Tucson, Arizona.  They offer daily "Technology Twists."

Back Room Ed Tech
Blog that was created by Michelle Morley of the Technology Services department of the Good Spirit Schools Division in Saskatchewan,  Canada.  She has a great list of teacher tools here.

Wright Elementary School Teacher Resources
Great list of online resources for Elementary School Teachers from Anderson County in South Carolina.  Thanks for adding 180TechTips to your website!

Technology Integrators, Brevard Co., Florida
As educators we must provide learning environments that not only convey important and relevant content, but also facilitate the types of behaviors that will help students ultimately become employable and self-directed learners...

Masters of Instructional Technology at UNCW
Home page for the Masters of Science in Instructional Technology (MIT) program at the University of North Carolina WilmingtonWatson School of Education.

University of Maryland School of Medicine
List of student resource links from the School of Medicine, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation.  Thanks for adding 180TechTips to your list.  We're proud to be helping your students!

Seaford Senior High School Library Links
A quick list of links for teachers compiled at the Seaford High School Library Media Center in Delaware.

Spring Cove School District Links
Hyperlinks to online resources for students, teachers and parents.  Well organized in categories to help you find what you're looking for.

Elementary Teacher Links
Great list of links to useful resources for elementary school teachers.  Posted at Mt. Pleasant Public Schools in Michigan.

McKnight Elementary Technology Tools & Tips
List of links from McKnight Elementary School in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Caley Computer Lab Web Link List
Many useful web links for teachers compiled for Caley Elementary School in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.


Links to Other Websites:

Top 10 Teacher Web Sites from LoveToKnow.com
Here's a great website that uses humans, instead of search algorithms to create top 10 lists for internet resources.

Fox Online Learning
16 hours of free training in just 5 minutes a day.  Teaching you how to grow your online internet business, by learning about marketing your home business or ecommerce website with easy to understand articles.

Smart Schools Program
Though based in the Philippines, this website contains a huge list of resources for educators anywhere in the world.  Definitely worth checking out.  Thanks for listing us on your Smart Tools section.  

Tales From Technology
Thanks for listing us on your Technology Fun Sites for Review page which includes lots of great links to resources for anyone who's interested in learning about technology.

Top 10 Teacher Websites
Special thanks to LoveToKnow.com for listing us as Number 5 on your list of Teacher Websites!  Great list of resources for any teacher who's looking for online help.

Educational Websites for Teachers
Teachers are busy people.  This web page was originally created for Project Village, a collaboration between Rutgers and the city of Camden, and is maintained for other teachers and education students as well.  It's a great resource.

Dave VanLue’s Web Page for Educators
Purpose: The purpose of selecting this topic is to provide busy teachers a few educational websites that I think are particularly useful and easy to use. There is a wealth of Internet-based teaching resources available at these sites.

Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers
A great list of online resources for educators.  Full of useful links that can help any teacher to become more technology savvy.

The Busy Educator
Sign-up here to get a free newsletter emailed to you that's full of useful tips for teachers.  Become an effective teacher and save your valuable teaching time and energy.

Discovery Computer Training Products Tutorials
Free Online Webmaster Resources, CD-ROM training tutorials, Free Downloads, Free Scripts URL submission Tutorials Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, A+ Core & OS, Network Training, Win2000, and Computer Basics.

Computer Training in the UK
Here's a complete resource list for those looking for Information technology and/or computer training in the UK.  It's organized by city and county.

Fine Art Photography Picture Gallery
Discover breathtaking pictures that allows you to create a unique home that will refresh, and uplift your soul. Also makes a wonderful gift idea. Enjoy free screensavers, free wallpaper, and enter a free contest!

Top educator sites ranked by popularity

Web Resources List
This list was created by a student an education student at California State University - Northridge.  It is a printable Word Document but you can also click on the links to view the websites.  Its a pretty good list!  Thanks for including 180techtips.com!

Hot List
List of Websites for educators that was assembled by a student at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania.


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